Yesterday we sang “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” as a quartet in the early service, and then a Jane Marshall piece in the second service, did the grocery shopping and made further progress with the book audition, talked with #2 son on the phone, and then I went back to church for the ice cream social, at which I sang three pieces with the choir and eight with the choirlet, and then rang three pieces with the bells, following which I stayed and talked with people for a bit and then came home for a heart-to-heart with #1 daughter.

I have a lot to do today as well. I need to take a hostess packet to Partygirl, get Client #2’s blog post to him, make a brochure for Client #5, and do four hours for my big client. That’s leaving aside the question of going up to the next county to finish up the interview process, which I may not do at all.

One thing I am determined to do is to get to the gym. I’ve been getting in a walk or a gym visit about twice a week recently, and that just isn’t enough.

#2 son asked me whether I thought that lack of motivation was the main thing that kept people from working out. I guess it must be. We all make time for the things we really care about.

But I’ve also heard that the people most likely to keep to a regular workout schedule are the ones with the best problem-solving skills. Where many of us let things like limited time or child-care issues or — well, you can probably make a list yourself — keep us from getting our thirty minutes a day, these stalwart problem-solvers just figure out how to manage it.

With them as my inspiration, I plan to drop off the hostess packet on my way to the gym, think through that paid blog post on the treadmill, and be back at the computer in plenty of time for a full workday.

Yesterday at the ice cream social, one of the guys was telling us about a retreat he’d been on. He talked about the old mansion it had been held at and the amazing guy who had been heading it up and his work with the Red Cross — and I thought, oh yes, Rockfish does their web site.

So, yes, it might be good to trade some computer time for some gym time.

On the Summer Reading Challenge, I’m still reading Brain Wiprud. I’m now on Sleeping with the Fishes, which doesn’t yet have the taxidermist hero, but which does have long descriptions of fishing. Not, so far, that great a trade-off. I used to go fishing with my hsuband when we were younger, but my part was lying in the canoe and reading.