Brooklyn again. This is one ball of Den-M-Nit. The bottom edge is flaring, as cotton is wont to do, and I intend to tame it with a clever trick from The Big Book of Knitting.

The other clever trick in this picture is the use of a recipe holder to hold the second ball of yarn. A friend gave it to me — it is a piece of heavy wire twisted into a stand, and a skein of this yarn fits neatly over it. I hate rewinding yarn. So I am trying this method to see whether it allows me to knit this skein without rewinding. I’ll let you know.

Has the Zombie Knitting entirely overtaken the Epic Knitting? Not really. I have one repeat of the lace completed. One repeat — 16 rows — of laceweight yarn on #1 needles is just over 1″. And, since it is lace, it looks like nothing until it is soundly blocked. It still gets its picture in the blog, for fairness’s sake. But here’s the thing: Brooklyn has an advocate. #1 son brings it to me if I should ever be without it. “Here’s my track jacket,” he says. Or, if I am working on the Lotus shawl, “How’s my track jacket coming?”

Brooklyn may be completed in record time.

Over at Ozarque’s, they are debating whether George Bush and the Religious Right are intentionally messing up the world in order to bring on the End Times. Blogcritics has a similar discussion, if you are in the mood for edgy politics this morning. Chez Fibermom, we have free-range eggs, homemade whole wheat bread, homemade blackberry jam, plenty of musical instruments and art supplies, and a gym membership. I think all this keeps us from being inclined toward extremism.

Yesterday, we took #2 son out for breakfast again, to a favored college breakfast place. It was much better than last week’s choice. Then we sang our duet in church. No one fell in love, but they did cry, which is always good. Camp T said it brought back to her the days when she used to sing with her mother, which was enough of a blessing to let it be our Good Deed of the Day. There was knitting and canning, and along toward sunset, #2 daughter and I took a walk around the neighborhood.

Healthy living and wholesome pleasures can, I am convinced, keep us calm and cheerful. Faith allows us to contemplate the end times, if we are so minded, with equanimity and the assurance that Mr. Bush cannot create any messes that God isn’t strong enough to deal with. Nor can we. We are, as the Brief Statement of Faith reminds us, called to live holy and joyful lives as we wait for God’s new heaven and earth. Nothing in there about bombing people or despoiling the environment.

I thought of mentioning love, but let’s face it, love doesn’t have uniformly positive effects on humans.