I worked pretty much all weekend, except for last night after dinner. The boys and I played Scrabble, and then I settled in with knitting, my Kindle, and Leverage on TV.

I’m making good progress with the second front section of Diagonals from Lacy Little Knits.

On the Kindle I had Conquering Chaos: How to Grow a Small Business Without Going Crazy, or something similar. Getting the title precisely right doesn’t matter, because the book is essentially a long ad for the authors’ software. I felt cheated.

Never mind. I have lots of books to read, even if the rest don’t make such tempting claims.

I also have lots of work to do. My shoulders are no longer painful; that’s what knitting does for you. Or possibly Scrabble. Probably anything that involves moving away from the computer for a bit.

The Computer Guy asked me last night for the content for the underwear website which we’re building. I sometimes write about underwear here, in the context of textiles or fiber arts or women’s history or something, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever written about men’s underwear. I was somewhat embarrassed to send it to him, frankly. I don’t mind writing this stuff for strangers, but it’s another thing entirely to ship it off to a colleague. He never sent me the design, either.

I have learned a lot of remarkable things. Did you know, for example, that men no longer use flies in underwear? That there is a thing called a “fashion jock”? That there is “enhancing” men’s underwear (that’s what the guys call it) similar to women’s padded bras?

I learn a lot in my job, no question about it. Today I am working for the Arts Center, so I expect to learn completely different things. I have to price out some stuff, too, a thing I don’t much like to do, but I think that #1 daughter will do most of the heavy lifting on that.