7 Here’s my Hawaiian shirt with all the hemming done. This is Folkways’ “Rosie the Riveter” shirt. I’ll get the buttons and buttonholes done tonight and wear it all through August, in spite of Chanthaboune’s strictures.

Chanthaboune and I worked on the book audition yesterday. It should have gone in before now, really.

It’s not that we’ve been working on it continually since she got back from Europe. Rather, we’ll spend an hour on it and then something intervenes for a week.

Saturday I said, “Look, my free trial of this software is about to run out. I’ve sent you my changes, and you mark it up and send it back to me, and then I’ll send it back to you, okay?”

Social engagements prevented her from getting to it.

Last night, I got her adjustments and called her, but her boyfriend had driven nine hours straight to his apartment, only to find that his key didn’t work, so he drove to her place to get the key from her. This required a number of conversations like this:

“#1 daughter found that section vague.”
“Well it is vague. By its very nature. Maybe we should say somewhere that dynamics are elusive — hold on. M. Bassoon is calling. I’ll call you back.”

“His key doesn’t work. He just drove clear through Ohio, too.”
“I’m watching a movie now. I think you’d like it. It’s called Love and Other Disasters.”
“Oh, yeah?”
“It’s on the Netflix Instant Watch. I’ll call you back when it’s over.”

“That was a good movie. Now, we’ve got to get the crescendo–“
“M.Bassoon is here and he’s in a really bad mood. I’ll call you back”

But we did at last get it into fairly good shape. If we get this contract, we’ll have to improve our collaboration skills.

Here’s what we had for lunch yesterday. Last night we called out for pizza. So, yeah, not very zen in terms of eating habits, but I have that on the list.

Also, today #1 daughter and I are going to make up our minds and commit to a course of action and get going on said action.

I’ve been GTD about mine, going ahead and getting the Next Steps done without waiting to establish a Course of Action, so I’m actually on track for my most likely course of action, but I did spend some time last night (while watching that movie) making my list of Things to Do while on hiatus from Client #6.

Today I have hours to do for Clients #s4 and 6, and a whole crowd of blog posts. So this one had better be ended.