As some of you know, I was writing a blog for the store I worked for. It was called “Dexter’s Discoveries.” After the store closed, I didn’t shut down the blog because it had new subscribers on most days and thousands of visitors a week and was at the top of Google for various subjects, and it just seemed wrong to do that.

In what I thought would be a good compromise, I changed the look and the name over the weekend. You can do this, though you have to pay a fee for it. I had imagined that xanga would do a redirect of some kind. Nope. If you do a search for “global warming lesson plans” and click on Dexter’s Discoveries, you get a “page not found” message. So rather than the hundreds of footprints I had expected to see this morning, I had one.

So I guess I have essentially shut down that blog. And paid to do so.