SWAPIII  The Australians may have been the ones to formulate the Sewing With a Plan system, but the storyboard seems to have been a Canadian inspiration.

The idea is that you draw your 11 garments and add swatches of the fabrics, and that way you know what you’re doing. When you have time to cut or sew, you don’t have to spend that time trying to recall your plan, but can glance at your storyboard and get right to it.

Some of the sewing bloggers have electronic ones where the picture changes from black and white to color after the item is completed. I find that impressive, but I have no idea how they do it.

7 I have not yet decided what pants pattern to use. My TNT pants pattern is easy and comfortable, but it has a side zipper, which I just don’t like as well as the front zip. I had to cut out the skirted suit to be sure I had enough fabric before I could put it on my storyboard. This is a lightweight wool from the clearance table. I found a twill that was just one shade darker to make pants from, and that will be my three-piece suit. The print will be my two-piece dress. I threw Ivy in there, since it just keeps growing without ever becoming more interesting for a portrait.

I have a khaki twill for the other pair of pants, and a couple of extra fabrics so that I can do wearable muslins of the new patterns.

I guess I’m ready.