There have been a couple of enquiries about #2 daughter. “Is she a career girl now?” one email asked. A phone call asked about the ending.

We just haven’t gotten to the ending yet. The story is like that children’s book, Fortunately.

Fortunately, she finished school. Unfortunately, that meant she had to get out of the dorm.

Fortunately, her roommate saw the force of #2 daughter’s arguments and agreed to pay her share of the rent. Unfortunately, she didn’t actually send the rent. Fortunately, the landlord allowed #2 to move in on the strength of the deposit. Unfortunately, her car still hadn’t arrived.

Fortunately, the car company allowed her to borrow a car till hers arrived. Unfortunately, it is her first car and she had no insurance of her own. Fortunately, she found a good insurance company. Unfortunately, they closed for the weekend. Fortunately, the car company had some suggestions. Unfortunately, they were very expensive.

Fortunately she was able to fit it into her budget. Unfortunately, the car company gave her an appointment late Saturday evening, when she needed the vehicle to move that day. Fortunately, she got a ride over there and swayed them with the force of her personality to go ahead and give her the car.

Fortunately, she was able to move most of her stuff in the car. Unfortunately, she couldn’t move  her armchair. Fortunately, her beau drives a Land Rover. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get hold of him. Fortunately, she was able to leave the chair where it is for a while. Unfortunately, that meant she had no furniture. Fortunately, she is prepared to think of the apartment as Zen minimalist. And fortunately, the roomie has some furniture.

Fortunately, the apartment has a working kitchen. Unfortunately, #2 daughter has no cooking utensils. Fortunately, Grandma and Grandpa have extras. Unfortunately, #2 daughter won’t get them till the coming weekend.

Fortunately, some boys took her out to meals, so she had something to eat. And fortunately, she got moved out of the dorm and into her apartment.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment.