Here is the bawk, with the first repeat of the cable pattern. I really like this cable. I am making all possible mistakes on this first bawk, so that the others, which will end up being gifts, will be flawless. This flawed one I will keep for myself. Otherwise, I would have to frog it repeatedly in order to perfect the increases, match up the twists, etc. This would not be in keeping with my plan for the day.

I have the day off, you see. In fact, the whole family has the day off. We had a multigenerational family gathering yesterday, and barbecue the day before. We have sung patriotic songs in eight-part harmony. We have picked the first ripe tomatoes from the garden. The boys have illegally set off bottle rockets on the patio. So today the plan is to waste the entire day watching the Monk marathon on TV.

It won’t be a total waste, because #2 daughter and I will be knitting. I will complete the bawk and then return to the cotton/linen bath ensemble, while #2 daughter is making herself a most snazzy felted handbag from the book Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living. This book is also the source for the bath ensemble pattern. It has a lot of nice easy patterns in lovely yarns — clothes, baby gear, household goods, cat toys, all kinds of stuff really. If you wanted one knitting pattern book besides your sweater compendium, you could do worse than this one. Just don’t believe their yarn quantity estimates.

Sighkey tells me that in New Zealand, they knit with possum fur. Their possums are not like our possums. You can learn more about them here and buy possum knitwear here or here. You can buy possum yarn here or here. You will find at these sites many good reasons for accepting the use of possum fur. This means that those of us who are squeamish about wearing fur (not perhaps those who are adamantly opposed, but the squeamish at least) can contemplate enjoying the warmth of fur. I for one am contemplating a shawl of laceweight possum/ wool/ silk pretty intently.

Possum Pie, to return to the point that brought possum fiber up in the first place, is composed of chocolate, nuts, and cream, not possums. It is possible to eat American possums, just as it is possible to eat squirrels, but I sure wouldn’t do it. We do like to make Possum Pie for visitors, because it is I think a local dish. I don’t know why it is called Possum Pie. Maybe to scare visitors, who begin to fear that all they’ve heard about Southerners was true. Then, when they discover that chocolate and pecans rather than rat-like vermin are on the menu, they feel relieved and everyone can laugh at them.

Nah, that couldn’t be it.

Now I must get down to the serious time-wasting of the day. Enjoy yours!