I’ve packed, and my potential ride to the Big City is leaving today, but I actually haven’t decided yet whether or not to go.

Through an odd concatenation of circumstances, I’ve heard two sermons in the past few weeks centering around the idea of preparing for travel. Who among us, they asked, would just take off on a journey without preparing first? They talked about having lots of luggage, and admiring those who travel light.

I’m definitely one of those who travel light, and spontaneous trips aren’t unknown in my life. I can also work anywhere — with gotomypc, I can work at my own computer with all my own files… anywhere.

It’s also good timing. If I get my grades in and a phone call made with its possible follow-up work and my Australians taken care of, then I have nothing else to do this week but writing. The chances of anyone’s needing an urgent meeting with me this week are slim. I could probably take off and have my vacation in The Big City with no consequences whatsoever.

The negatives include the fact that I have my sons’ tuition to pay and therefore can’t spend anything for the next three years. I’m planning to stay with #2 daughter and work while she’s at work, so we’re not talking about an expensive vacation, or even about a loss in income, but traveling always costs more than not traveling. And I have to get home somehow, whether I buy a bus ticket or my husband comes up to get me and pays for the gas to do so.

I also don’t really have a plan for how to get home. A relative of my husband’s went to visit someone in Thailand last year and got stuck there for a month, because he had figured he’d be able to find a way home but actually couldn’t do so.

I doubt that this would really happen in the American Midwest.

And I did have the idea of taking a week to be domestic, sewing and cleaning and stuff like that. Obviously, I can’t do that at #2 daughter’s place and expect it to have any benefits here.

So, yeah, not sure what I’m doing today.