7 Xanga has already eaten two posts this morning. I had things to say on taxidermy, cake, success, and why church musicians don’t pay attention in the service.

There will be no effort expended this time, though, I can tell you that. I’ll just show you my sewing.

As you can see, the top looks like a nightgown. I made the view that gathers onto the yoke, and I didn’t gather it very successfully. I blame this on the fact that it is a knit fabric. Not that there’s anything wrong with knit fabrics; I think they may just require skills I don’t have.

The upside is that it also feels like a nightgown. I can wear it on those days when I feel like staying in my nightie.

Since it already looked like a nightgown, I attempted to hem one of the sleeves by machine, and I regret it. But can I justify going to all the trouble of using hem tape when it looks like a nightgown?

I know there are more skillful seamstresses out there, and I hope you’ll have wise words for me.

Since I have my sewing machine out, though, I think I’ll make another in a smaller size and see if that helps.