Kelty[plus numbers] has an intriguing picture at her xanga of a bunch of men knitting in their underwear. They are all standing up while knitting, which is intended either to make them look more manly or to show off the underwear. Kelty also says that people are maggots, so she could proabably use some cheering up while you’re over there.

I am going back to work today. Also back to the gym, back to a regular schedule of housekeeping, back to normal altogether — except the summer version of normal, of course. I enjoyed my vacation, but I will enjoy returning to the usual, too.

Another Sophie bag. It will be a gift, but not a surprise, because I didn’t want to use my last feltable skein on something the recipient wouldn’t want. It is the same yarn (different color) but much larger needles. This is how it is supposed to be done — big, loose knitting that is then felted down severely. However, my stitch markers do not fit these needles, so I gave them up and am therefore having to do a good deal more counting than with the first. No matter. This is still very easy knitting. A good first project, particularly since the stitches disappear into the felt — if you make errors, no one will ever know.

I have not yet decided about the handles. I have another pair of handles, but the recipient of this gift doesn’t care for them. I don’t care for the original handles, myself. I have seen some nice beaded ones at other blogs, and some bamboo circles at the craft store. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.