I finished the two-piece dress last night. I also did my Photoshop class assignment, which you see right here.   True, I appear to be a dangerous creature baring my teeth at you, but it was the best picture of myself I had to work with.

I did other Photoshop assignments, too, but they mostly involved moving things from one place to another, so they aren’t worth showing.

I do like that class, though. The instructor hasn’t given me any comments of any kind. I get full points for the assignments, and perhaps she saves comments for people who’ve messed something up.

For me, it underscores the importance of giving feedback. I’m learning things, but I think I’d learn more if I got some suggestions of some kind.

So I had a fairly lazy weekend. Apart from church and a little bit of work, I spent the whole time hanging out reading, sewing, stuff like that. It was quite pleasant.

I finished Crimes Against Logic, a book  #1 daughter and I were planning to read and discuss. She’ll be back from the rock festival today, so I guess we can discuss it a bit. It’s a good reminder of the logical fallacies we so often commit, written in a snarky and entertaining style. I’m going to take it to class today, just in case I need a good example.

I also completed the section of Wellbeing that deals with career satisfaction. Here are some things these guys learned about work and happiness:

  • People who are happy at work live longer, and have lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Having a bad boss is one of the worst things for people’s sense of wellbeing, and can cause people to dislike their work.
  • People who like their work often find that it spills over into their non-work life, but they don’t get burned out, while people who dislike their work usually can only tolerate 20 hours of work per week without feeling tired and overworked.

#1 son and #1 daughter will both be back from the rock festival today. They did not attend the Kiss and Hag Rockers’ Carnival.

This means that they did not have the opportunity to Shake a Lady for Justice to the Romance, nor for an Evil Prayer.

I honestly can’t imagine what this T-shirt was initially intended to convey.

However, I saw an ad yesterday for Gourmé salad dressing, which is essentially the same as Engrish, but in French. And I feel fairly sure that all the stuff you see around bedecked with Chinese or Japanese characters doesn’t in fact make any sense at all.

The paragraph I just wrote reminds me of the section in Crimes Against Logic in which the author talks about how he would say someone was a jerk and his parents would come up with extenuating circumstances. Explaining the cause of something, he says, is not the same as disproving it. I think his parents were correcting not his logic but his unkindness. Just so, I’m looking at the Shake a Lady Evil Prayer T-shirt in all its incomprehensible glory and suggesting that its bizarreness is mitigated by our bad French or Chinese. That’s irrelevant, isn’t it?