My two completed books for last week’s Summer Reading Challenge were Mary Kruger’s Knit Fast, Die Young and Dial M for Mischief by Kasey Michaels.

Michaels is always fun, though I sometimes find her inaccuracies jarring. This is probably pedantic of me, but I’ll be reading along enjoying a story and then something off comes up and it distracts me. In this case, it was a line about the aristocratic hero of the story being able to trace his ancestry all the way back to the ancestor who got off the boat at Ellis Island. Later, we are treated to genealogical documents for this same gentleman which have lots of adopted folks on a standard family tree. It’s not important the to the story, but it brings me up short when reading. I avoid her historical novels because they are stuffed with little anachronisms. It spoils the flow of the story for me.

Knit Fast, Die Young was not a memorable book for me. I didn’t care enough about the characters, the plot was not clever enough, the writing was not wonderful.

I read a lot in the car yesterday, since my husband did all the driving. I’m not going to say that this made the trip enjoyable, but we do have some gorgeous scenery around here, and I was able to enjoy quite a bit of it. There were some exciting moments on the scenic route we took on the way down, because the road had washed away. This is is a paved road, but it is sort of cut into the hillside, and I guess the land under it had collapsed during the recent storms. We came back by another route.

#2 son is safely ensconced in his dorm, on a red brick and azalea campus with lots of very perky counselors. We’ve done the whole check in and orientation process so many times that we were pretty calm about it. There were a lot of us coming down from our town, and we ran into one another all over the campus. We clearly should have carpooled. However, we fed the boy and then believed his assurances that he didn’t want us to stay for the evening events and left him there.

His roommate is from the state’s biggest city, which isn’t saying much, and they are doing the same program, so I hope they will get along well.

#1 son has not yet returned from his rock concert and isn’t answering his phone, either. However, I think he was carryng ID, and there haven’t been any calls from the police, so I am not worrying about him.

I’m minding the shop for a client for a couple of days this week, so I must get lots of billable hours in today. The absence of boys should help with that.