This week I am working from Tuesday to Saturday, so today is my day off for the week. #2 daughter and I are going to class at the gym, and then to the Prayer Shawl ministry meeting, and then to Book Club. We are discussing Kitchen, a book by Banana Yoshimoto. I cannot underline or italicize the title, let alone show you the cover, so I hope you are not confused. This is because xanga hates me, Pokey says, and she should know.
I am looking forward to the Prayer Shawl meeting. I am normally at work at this time, so I have not attended one before. In fact, I have not attended a knitting group meeting of any kind. I have been in groups where someone other than myself also happens to be knitting, but never in an intentional knitting group.
#2 daughter has set them up in her dormitory, so she will be the experienced one. I will be interested to hear how the experiences compare.
This will also be an opportunity for us to meet more people from our (relatively) new church. If you are in the choir, you get to know your fellow choristers, but not the other people in the church. You are up in the choir loft, and during the post-service socializing you are off in the choir room. You have to make an effort to get to know people. This is such a friendly church that there is less effort involved than at many others, but there is still some effort required. So this can be part of that effort.
Actually, yesterday we made a bit of a breakthrough with the organist. He is a really good organist, but apparently very shy. Our previous attempts to speak with him, together or separately, have failed, as he mutters something, looks at the floor, and scuttles off. But yesterday he stopped in the hallway when we spoke to him, made eye contact, and said several words. The best of the words was “Pachelbel.”
Those of you who know us in person and are thinking that we are scary people are mistaken. We are kind, unassuming people, mild-mannered and soft-spoken. There is nothing about us that ought to frighten an organist.
I still cannot show you pictures or give you links. I am finding this irritating. What does it say about my character that I am irritated by so small a thing? Pokey said I could show you a picture by doing this:

Image hosted by

However, I find that this does not result in a picture. You must imagine the current prayer shawl in that place. I am knitting it in the Pacifica colorway, a combination that will remind you (as you imagine the picture) of the reflection of sunrise on that film of water that lies across the sand in the early mornings. Do you hear the seagulls?

Except that now, some hours later, it does result in a picture, because Pokey came in an added a lot of things like “img.photobucket” and “v211.” It is not the same as pushing the button and getting to put in pictures, but I do get to show you my prayer shawl.