I may not have roses this year, but I do have tomatoes.  This is our very weird tomato garden. I think they’d be happier in the ground, frankly, but my husband planted them on the patio,and then decided to move them into the garden — keeping them in the pots.

My husband is a very skillful gardener. This hasn’t been a stellar year for him, though.

We had BBQ from Penguin Ed’s for Father’s Day. The Wii Fit informed me this morning first that I now have a gold fit credits bank, and second that I had gained weight since yesterday. A celebratory meal translates into immediate weight gain. Sigh. I had been doing so well, too.

I did a lot of photoshop yesterday, a bit of work, and none of the continuing housework I had intended to do. However, I did get some knitting done. This is the Flying Diagonals cardigan from Lacy Little Knits. I’ve done one of the fronts and have begun the second.

I knitted while I read Elizabeth George on the Kindle, which you can see here in its pretty Van Gogh cover, and also while I watched Leverage.

Those guys have a very nice office.

#1 son finds the whole premise of that show implausible: things work out too neatly, he says, and the people have super powers. I like it a lot, though. Enough that I actually watched it on TV while it was being broadcast. Usually I can’t be bothered to figure out when things are on.

This morning I have a meeting with a local IT guy who wants to talk about what I do, exactly. I will try not to be too influenced by having watched Leverage.