My goal to spend yesterday resting was almost entirely successful.

I did get in some hemming. Here’s my finished  “wearable muslin.” I know that some of you would not use the word “wearable” to describe anything this flowery, but I have to say I really like wearing this. As Chanthaboune would say, it really brings out the gray in my hair. 

I have to say, though, that this business of making a muslin is hot stuff. It is enormously easier to make a garment the second time.

When I consider that I have been sewing clothing for thirty years and haven’t ever bothered to do this, I am somewhat horrified. I keep thinking how much easier projects like #1 daughter’s wedding gown would have been had I known of this before.

If you would like to check out the sewing blogs and find helpful information like this, you could do worse than to start with Susinok. Not only does she update frequently and interestingly, she also has a good list of links to other sewing and knitting blogs.

I was also able to discover what the other members of my household normally do while I am at church.

My husband watched his new Lao karaoke DVD. I like this one. All the songs sound alike, of course, but the visuals are better on this. I was lying on the couch with my feet in my husband’s lap, so he deigned to translate for me. There was a touching ballad about a couple of men drinking whiskey without being able to pay for it. This had a scene where the barkeeper went to the man’s house, and his wife beat him with the wooden tool used to grind up dried hot peppers. We have one of those, but I have never considered it as a weapon.

Another dramatic one was the song of a woman who thought she had a really good son-in-law till he took to drink. Their confrontation out by the chicken coop (I was not able to identify this on my own, I admit — the chicken coops there look like giant baskets set upside down) was quite an exciting one.

There were songs of advice to the Big Wife (first wife) and Small Wife (second and later wives) on how to be happy in their marriages. This one was illustrated with a girl crying all over her teddy bear, so the translation really helped a lot.

There were songs about not forgetting your homeland, which had nice travelogue footage. Laos is a beautiful country, and my husband told me many interesting things about the places and the people who lived in them. Sometimes there would be an animal or insect in the scenery, and he would tell me how to cook them — this is his response whenever he sees a living creature who is not actually a pet. He loves animals, and is exceptionally good with them, easily the best I have ever seen, but it is embarrassing to go to the zoo with him.

However, if you want to know how to cook those long-antennaed bugs which live in bamboo, or a good recipe for fish with red-ant sauce, I can totally help you out on that.

#1 son played his guitar and video games, sometimes simultaneously.

After a bit, #2 son called and asked for a ride home from his sleepover. Both my husband and #1 son claimed to be too busy to go get him, so I went.

I admit that I was cross about this. I had stayed home from church in order to rest. I had baked, cooked a hot breakfast, and cleaned up the kitchen before ensconcing myself on the couch to begin the process of resting. It was obvious to me that neither of those guys was actually busy. I had been sick all week. They had called me — the only one at work — the night before to ask what I was cooking for dinner. They showed no signs of planning to cook dinner last night, either. All this came to mind as I icily put my shoes on and left to pick up #2 son.

However, it was a lovely day, and a beautiful drive. There were wildflowers, and fields and trees and hills, and generally lots of nice scenery. I enjoyed visiting with #2 son’s friend’s parents, and while it did take exactly the length of time I would have spent at church, I did get right back to my resting once I got home.

It is hardly surprising that I finished reading a book. I am not sure whether that ought to be the third book for last week on The Summer Reading Challenge, or the first book for this week. Queen Lucia by E.F. Benson is a classic, a story of a small group of people doing not much — but at the same time a microcosm of human foibles and strengths. Reminiscent of  Pride and Prejudice, if you like, or Seinfeld.  It is the first of a series of six, and if you haven’t read it, you should go get a copy immediately. If you have read it, but not in the past year, you should read it again. That is all.

Later in the day, #1 son weeded the garden and #2 son did the dishes, so things have not been left in absolute complete disarray.

We had garlic-rubbed chicken with avocado-pineapple salsa, brown rice, greens, and watermelon for dinner. Lemonade to drink, homemade oatmeal cookies for dessert.

Then I returned to my arduous schedule of lying around reading.