Yesterday included a few hours of work, but also a couple of church services, a walk, talks with friends an family, sewing, knitting, a game of Scrabble with #1 son, and a spell of reading out on the patio, where a nice lush jungly effect has been achieved.

I really like a jungly garden. My husband likes neat rows of plants, preferably not blooming plants, and vegetables are best.

The field beyond the back yard was mown on Saturday, so the scent of new-mown hay is in the air along with mint and nasturtiums. It’s lovely to sit on a lawn chair with a good book in such a place.

And then I picked peas from the vines for dinner, along with mint and parsley for the salad dressing.

Morgenstern recommends that people who have trouble not working keep track of the fun non-work things they do so that they can remind themselves of what’s enjoyable — and discover, if need be, why they’re not having fun. I find my work fun, too, but yesterday was a marvelous summer day. No swimming, but otherwise just right.