We have baby tomatoes. Usually we have ripe tomatoes by now, but we haven’t been very good gardeners this year. It’s the last week of summer school — well, the last week for the class I’m teaching, not for the class I’m taking. Then I’m thinking of taking a week off.

I’m not sure quite how I’ll do that. It’s too late in the year for outdoorsy vacations, I think. Hiking and camping aren’t as enjoyable when it’s 100 degrees out. I’ve thought of going to visit #2 daughter. I could stay at home and loll around and sew and stuff like that instead of working, but I’d be in competition with #1 son’s video games and people would be able to find me and ask me to do things.

My husband usually gets vacation at this time of year (I usually don’t), but this year he’s going to Las Vegas for a pool tournament in August, so I don’t think he can take a vacation with me as well.

I could go a couple of counties to the east to a tourist town we used to visit often. I probably can’t afford that, with tuition to pay.

I’m going to think about this…