The girls have gone back to their workaday lives. Yesterday, I got up and put in a couple of hours for my Aussies. they’re not making the progress I’d like, actually,  so I need to think more about them. Then we had blueberry pancakes and peppered bacon, and settled in for our business meeting.

We did a lesson on linkbuilding. The girls had their laptops and I was at the desktop, and we went through the three main methods of foundational linkbuilding. Then we attempted to get our strategic plan in place, with multiple interruptions. I’m not sure that we succeeded, However, we divided the goals into three groups and sorted out the responsibility for them, so that’s a start.

Then we went to lunch with my parents, which is always fun. It had been a long time since all four of the kids could join us at one of these lunches.

Then I came home and got to my homework. There are three more assignments, plus the final project. I also think I probably need to go back and do the one I missed. It’s too late to turn it in, but it probably contains things I need to know.

The current assignment is about making tables. It’s easy.

Divs are another story. I don’t know why I am being so unsuccessful with them.

I made this header for my final project — I may change it, but I thought this had an into-the-woods feel to it that will go well with my classic fairytale images. Then I spent three hours trying to get it into the right place on the pages.

I have reached the point where I can consistently make some semblance of columns on my pages, but actually putting things where I want them eludes me. Sigh.

In real life, of course, I can just tell Dreamweaver that I want three columns, but we’re not allowed any AI help for the project.

Today I must input grades, have a phone meeting with the IT guy from New York, spend some time on the bruise remedy people, and do a strategy document for the Northerners. I also need to go grocery shopping, get to the gym, and of course continue struggling with divs. I’ve sent off J2’s mockup to a local preschool, and will probably have to a) pay him for that work and b) try to get our previous client to pay him for the previous work. I may see whether I can get #1 daughter to assist with that.