6 In case you didn’t know what it meant to say that the lettuce bolted, you can see here that the lettuce corner of the garden is now filled with fantastic creatures.

This is the result of heat. Sometimes you can keep lettuce from bolting by catching it right away and cutting it right down to the ground, but once it has gotten too hot for lettuce, I figure I might as well benefit from the decorative effect.

If you don’t grow lettuce, you might never see this.

Yesterday’s solo went well. It turned out to be a duet, actually, because Bigsax showed up with his saxophone and played very smoothly indeed.

The sound guy came down and said, “I never thought I’d say this to you, but you need a microphone.” I protested briefly, but gave in without too much of a fight.

Chanthaboune and I are writing our book audition on the subject of dynamics. and the experience made me think of more things we hadn’t really considered. I have a big voice, but a saxophone is bigger. We also had a piano playing. It would have required extra skill on all our parts to stay balanced. The microphone allowed me to sing with the dynamics being about the song, which it seems to me really demands a wide range of dynamics, and Bigsax could just play as he felt, and we both just let the pianist get on with it. Since we hadn’t actually rehearsed together, that was a more realistic option than any hope that we could work out the balance before the service began at 8:30.

Frankly, any solo that goes above a C very many times makes me a bit nervous, so there was an element of relief in how well it went.

I finished the second book for the summer reading challenge, Miranda Bliss’s Murder on the Menu. It was okay. Not exciting. I have been finding the little mystery novels from Booksfree unexciting this summer, and even a bit disappointing. Booksfree is a service like Netflix, but for books. However, you don’t have any control over what they send you, not even to the extent of putting things higher on your queue. So if you feel like you’re not in the mood for little mysteries, Booksfree is not going to help change that.

This week, I’m starting off with Marne Davis Kellogg’s Perfect, which seems to be a caper rather than a mystery, so we’ll see.

I got the grocery shopping done, shelling out what seems to me like lots of money. The price of food just keeps going up, and the clerk told me that milk and all dairy products were scheduled to skyrocket tomorrow. She told me, further, that she doesn’t buy groceries.

She didn’t share how she avoided doing so. Maybe she just nibbles on things while she’s at work.

My husband has the week off, so I’m expecting lots of interruptions in my work. However, I must get all my invoices out and keep to my schedule for Client #6 in spite of it. #2 son will be coming home for the holiday weekend, and Wednesday is Parents Day at Governor’s School, so I need to have longer days today and tomorrow to make up for that. If I get started soon, I may be able to get quite a bit in while the other members of the household are still sleeping.