I made some more jewelery yesterday. jewels

The earrings are supposed to be helping me improve my wire wrapping skilz, which my husband finds scandalously bad. He has lectured me kindly but firmly about this a couple of times now. I figure my hair will cover a lot of the wire anyway, and no one will look that closely.

The bracelet is a bit excessive, I know. Therefore, I intend to make it even more excessive. I need another source of beads, though, one with more fruit and flowers. And leaves. I really like leaves.

On Thursday I went to the downtown bead shop, where there is a strong scent of patchouli and people sit


working on their beads and discussing how taking lotus root has made them feel wise and open to the universe.

On Saturday I went to the bead shop in my own zip code, where I found an old friend working on her beads and we had lots of nice conversation.

I can see that a person could, even though many of the offerings have prices like seven cents and thirteen cents, spend a lot of money in a bead shop. Or multiple bead shops.

If I stick with earrings, I shouldn’t be able to get into too much trouble.

6 Otherwise, I was mostly pretty lazy yesterday.

I had to finish reading the second weekly book for the summer challenge. I also had to weed the garden a bit. I should have weeded the garden a lot, but it was hot out there.

I have some darker rose buds starting. I actually have four different roses out there, but only New Dawn has bloomed so far. This could be because New Dawn is such an aggressive creature that is has strangled all the other roses, or they could still be suffering from the strange winter weather.

I also have baby squashes and cabbages, lots of lettuce, and a few tomatoes sitting greenly inside their vines.

6Today I have a half day for Client #6, and web sites to set up for Clients 4 and 7. I need to make a change of strategy for Client #1, and do a little routine maintenance for Client #3. I currently have no work from Clients 2 and 5, but I would like to do a bit of study on the programs Client #2 wants me to use.

If I think in terms of probability trees, where each event branches off into a little twig of a possible outcome, then at this point there are a lot of possible paths which could lead to my continued successful self-employment.

So far, I have had no further responses to my various job applications, though of course it is not the season for hiring in education, where all those potential jobs live.

However, looking (in my mind’s eye) at my probability tree, I think I would be wiser to spend any additional time available in seeking out further clients, rather than peddling my resume around.

Not that I have much additional time available, given that I want to keep up on the Summer Reading Challenge and conduct a normal life.