The cool thing about making decisions about knitting is that they can be very absorbing and very detailed, and they matter very little. This allows you to revel in the decision making without any worry over the consequences.

What you see here is my stash of Knitpicks Telemark. Once I swatched with this and counted up how much of it I have in which colors, it was clear that this really has to be a Fair Isle type of sweater. I love the Poetry in Stitches patterns, and Alice Starmore’s lavish Celtic stuff, but what I actually have is 4-6 balls each of four colors and  one ball each of two more, and all the colors are rather wintry and somber. So I went through all my Fair Isle books, regretfully setting aside the one that has things like octopi and rocket ships, and came up with a fairly complex pattern with a nice vertical columns effect rather than the traditional horizontal stripes effect.

I also did some sewing, beginning to make up that teal chiffon top.

I’m enjoying it — there’s a lot of handwork and it’s very nice and drapey, and by the time I put a jacket over it, it’ll hardly matter what it looks like.

The truth is, when I go outdoors nowadays I nearly always have a jacket on, because I’m going out to teach or to have meetings.

Is that sad?

When spring is properly here, and I’m fully recuperated,  I’ll go out for hikes and stuff.

At this point, I feel like one of those brave invalids they used to have in children’s books. They always looked off into the distance and spoke movingly of the things they’d do when they were well, and the cherry trees bloomed again. Then they died.

I’m glad they gave up those characters. Children’s books shouldn’t have things like that in them.