#1 son got this picture for me. I might add him to the force.

I worked all weekend, and I still didn’t get everything done. However, I did get messages from the universe.

Do you know what I mean? Once a subject arises,  you begin hearing about it everywhere. It is probable that this is a case of selective attention: you simply notice those messages because you’re in a receptive state. Indeed, you very likely seek them out. But it’s also possible to accept the repetitive nature of the information arising as messages from God or, if you can’t handle God, then from the universe.

The universe doesn’t care about you one whit, which makes the sending of messages even less likely, but there you have it. Nonspecific spirituality has that drawback.

In any case, right after I whined at xanga about the impossibility of setting a work schedule, I listened to a sermon on taking responsibility for our own actions. God, the pastor informed us with numerous examples, won’t do things for us that we can do for ourselves. Manna was one of his examples, and manna is the image I’ve used for my workstock issues, adding that extra layer of coincidence.

Our Sunday School lesson reminded me about work/life balance, specifically about keeping the sabbath, and I reminded myself that one of my most high-powered and hard-driving clients keeps the sabbath, stopping his work at sundown on Friday no matter how frenzied he’s been about it all week.

Then I stopped computer work in the afternoon in order to review a book I’d been sent, and it emphasized that physical health — sufficient rest, exercise, etc. — is key to productivity. Then, as I was exploring our options for online tools, I encountered 37 signals’ statement about work vs. productivity, claiming that people who work excessive hours get less done, and are only doing it to make themselves feel important.

This caused me to remember back when the owners of the store used to claim that a business owner had to work 24/7. I was familiar with their work habits, and it was my opinion that they’d get more done if they’d take some time off and then, when they were at work, really work.

So, in spite of the fact that my marker board has gotten completely out of control, as you can see, I’m going to work only during working hours this week and see where that gets me.