3 The craft project I did yesterday has the disadvantage of looking like a rudimentary chemistry experiment. It doesn’t look exciting at all

If you could smell and feel it, though, you would be happy to know about it, because what we have here is a very economical salt scrub (you may call it “skin polish” or “salt glow” where you live) which you can make in your own kitchen.

Here are the ingredients:

2 c. salt
3/4 c. oil
60 drops scent

I used pickling salt because I had some left over from last year’s pickling, but you can use Epsom salts, or kosher salt, or Dead Sea Salts, or any combination of sodium chloride and its relatives. You could even use sugar, but it costs more and might draw ants. I used sweet almond oil, but you can also use coconut or olive oil, or any good quality vegetable oil. You could probably use baby oil, but do you want to use any more petroleum than you have to? I thought not. And you can use any essential oil or frangrance oil, or combination of oils. I used Heather and Hyacinth from Brambleberries, and it smells lovely. You can add color if you want to.3

Measure it out, mix it up, and put it into a jar or jars.

Massage it into your skin and then have a hot bath or shower and you will have soft, glowing skin and a sense of well-being.

Chanthaboune can sell you a jar of salt scrub with amino acids for approximately 18 times the price, and it probably has a nicer jar, but I like mine for everyday use.

Actually, I have a jar of Chanthaboune’s honey hand treatment, and it is very luxurious indeed. I remember once before when I was being appalled at the prices of spa products compared with the ingredients, Dweezy pointed out that you are not paying for the salt or the SLS or water or whatever, but for the experience of having something in a lovely package with a wonderful smell that someone else has made, and also possibly the feeling that the magic chemicals and amino acids therein might make you look or feel gorgeous.

But check out this recipe sometime when you don’t need magic.

I could use some magic today. My to-do list is way too long and contains urgent, inconvenient things, like driving to another town to pick up my paycheck before my auto-payments hit the bank. My mother loaned me a copy of Getting Things Done, and our sermon in church yesterday was about the uselessness of worry, but I still woke up repeatedly last night fretting over how to shoehorn together all the things I need to do today. One of the main things the GTD system is supposed to accomplish is less stress over the to-do list, so I plan to try the system out. I like the bits of it that I had put in place already, based on reading bits and pieces on the web.

It’s Spring Break, so this is the wrong attitude for the day. We only have one schoolkid in the house, so Spring Break really only means anything to him, but I can usually muster up a little lightheartedness for the week. Maybe I’ll be able to, with a combination of GTD and salt scrub.