Well, yes, it has been Spring Break for a couple of days now, but it only just hit me. I got up this morning, posted (there is knitting content below, if you were looking for some), made my husband’s breakfast, started in on housework and thinking about going to the gym and mentally berating myself for not having accomplished more over the weekend and — realized that I had the house to myself. The boys are both having sleepovers somewhere else. I do not have to drive anyone to school. I do not have to listen to any whining about whole grains for breakfast. I do not have to go anywhere for the next two nights. It is Spring Break!

So, yes, I will be going to work today, but I will not be doing any significant amounts of housework until Wednesday. I will do something then because that is the day that Pokey and The Emo King will be arriving. There is a third person coming, too, but I do not know her nickname, and since “Pokey and The Emo King” sounds like a band anyway, it can subsume this third person till I actually meet her.

For this morning, however, I will enjoy the lovely rainy day and the emerging Easter basket colors outside and the happy realization that I hardly accomplished anything over the weekend and won’t be accomplishing much today either.

And I will not be doing any practicing of things I am averse to. Nor will I attempt to make any progress on my goals for the year. I shall sink into sloth for the week. Aside from working, of course, and feeding people, and my musical responsibilities for Holy Week, and getting my family’s Easter celebration ready. Never mind. Spring Break is a frame of mind. Hawaiian shirts and margaritas all around!