We ended up with quite a bit of snow. Church was canceled, and I had a cozy day while my menfolks headed off to work through the wintry landscape.

There was a bit of work, but I also cleaned up my office and my bedroom.

The Organized Home plan is all the way up to cleaning out the garage by now, so I missed the boat there.

But I put an Instant Watch movie on (Expelled) and did all my filing in the office. Then I hung up clothes and sorted out books in the bedroom.

While I was in there, I also decided to do something about our ancient, threadbare quilt.

I made this quilt more than thirty years ago with wonderfully soft cottons and great big blocks. I loved its pale, washline look. But the fabric has perished in a lot of places, and the edges are all ragged. So I cut out the parts that were the strongest and made pillow shams. 

There were some blocks that were still in fairly good condition after that, and I cut those out. Perhaps I’ll make little cushions with them.

Sunday evening is when the people I work with all organize our work.

I’m probably overstating it. I really want to say that it’s when all of us web workers organize our work, but I’m sure that would be overstating it. However, it is true that on Sunday evenings, I can expect a fusillade of emails about jobs and phone call schedules, and all my colleagues show up on their respective instant message buddy lists, so I organize my work then, too. If you go to an office, you probably do that Friday afternoon or Monday morning.
With my week all planned out, I went and watched Life with my menfolks. It’s worth watching. There’s some amazing stuff going on in the animal kingdom.

My husband of course told us how to cook everything we saw. Except hippos. “I don’t think people will eat those,” he frowned. “They’re too ugly.”

He contemplated this further as we watched the hippos establishing dominance (note: they’re less dramatic about it that the ninja-like bullfrogs).

“Maybe,” he said doubtfully. “Maybe in their country people eat them. But not if they’re in a big group like that. Then they’d think, there are so many, it must be that people don’t eat them.”

“I never see hippo meat in the grocery store,” I said. My husband agreed that it was sad, how little variety one found in the grocery stores in America. No Komodo dragons or frogs’ eggs or anything.


While watching, I worked on a scarf I’m making from  make-make’s Flavor wool. It’s soft and lovely. Admittedly, I tend to make scarves and then not wear them. However, I’ve been wanting to use this chart from Poetry in Stitches for years, and there’s probably no chance that I’ll ever use it on the sweater it was designed for, so a scarf seemed like the logical use for it. I guess I could use it for a cushion, or a kangaroo pocket for an otherwise plain sweater or something. I can decide after I finish the chart.