So I got to the top of the sleeve, and found that I was about 1″ shy of the needed length. Looking back at my calculations, I noticed a lot of “about” and “roughly,” and this is probably why it did not quite work out. It needs to be bit steeper. I was decreasing on every row, which is unusual, but decreasing on every other row as the pattern says was not satisfactory. So I have frogged back to 56 stitches, and will decrease every other row to 25 stitches, at which point I will begin decreasing every row again. We’ll see how that works.

I am taking #2 daughter to the next state to meet up with Wind Dancer and the Emo King for the trip back to her school. This involves driving a long distance on the freeway in the dark, and then back on the freeway alone, with added worries about being late to work. I think her visit will have been worth it. Then tomorrow I have another blasted appointment. That should cover this week’s requirement for my agoraphobia program.