We had a little excitement yesterday morning in the choir.

The first service’s little ensemble had gone pretty well, and we were well into the second service. It was time for communion, in fact, and the choir had been given a list of hymns to sing. A list of numbers, actually, but we had been told they were familiar tunes.  “First and second verse of each,” Bigsax told us, “Sing it twice if there’s only one verse. If you get to the bottom of the list and there are still people taking communion, just go back to the top.”

We felt ready.

So it was a little alarming when we all opened our hymnals confidently to #297, “Beneath the Cross of Jesus,” and the organist launched into “Let Us Break Bread Together.” Some of us started singing along, others flipped to the index and started whispering the correct number to the rest, and we tried to give the impression that we knew what we were doing.

After two verses of that, we had a moment of suspense while we waited to see what the organist would do next. By the third hymn, it was clear that he was going through the same list we had, but from the bottom up, so we were singing confidently.

We had a potluck dinner last night. I like potlucks. You never know what you will find there, but it is pretty sure to be something I wouldn’t usually make at home. Then people begin to roam around the group trying to find the person who made their favorite and begging the recipe from them. There is widespread mingling, and often you get to talk to people you don’t already know very well.

It was 73 degrees yesterday, for these jolly adventures. Today we are supposed to have an ice storm, and six inches of snow overnight. I’m supposed to be at the store today and tomorrow.