Moving on toward hatishness.

One of the great-grandmothers in my Sunday School class is giving up computer games for Lent.

After a fairly rollicking service in church, we went out to lunch with my parents. Then the boys went to the gym, but I stayed home and had a bit of a nap. Yawn!

A pleasant family dinner, group homework time, and so to bed.

This book, by the way, is billed as a “laugh out loud” book. So far, it has had a deathbed scene, a funeral, and several drunken episodes, so probably the laugh-out-loud part is coming up any time. Have you noticed that in British chick lit, the heroine can get disgustingly sozzled and wet herself and/or throw up on people, without sacrificing the regard of the sensitive, sober hero? This is not a feature of American chick lit. I assume that this is a literary device.

Frankly, I am only half-awake this morning, stressed by my calendar and my to-do list, and three minutes away from having to make breakfast. Dweezy, however, was in a sprightly mood and found this amazing site for us. Here you will find instructions for making your own panties, lace-trimmed boxer shorts, and non-supportive brassieres. (I am assuming the non-supportive part from the announcement “If this style bra make your breast low, no concern of mine.”) They are designed for small bottoms, but there are instructions for enlarging the patterns if need be. And, perhaps most importantly, there are also these comforting words: “If you feel difficulty, observe your panties.” I cannot offhand think of a situation in which this would really make me feel better, but it has that surreal quality which I so enjoy when I feel difficulty.