Leonidas has done his spring cleaning and written about it very amusingly. He is especially proud of the fact that it was done without any sharp edges. (I am proud of the fact that I have finally figured out how to make small links like everybody else, so rest assured that I am not looking down on Leonidas.)

Those of us on the HGP are doing our spring cleaning and decorating at a leisurely pace, one room at a time, and this should be the week for #1 son’s room. He is not cooperating. #1 daughter and I came up with a very cool plan, based on the quilt he chose. We intended to color-wash his walls. You can see the technique here in #2 daughter’s room, but we planned to do it in blue. Then we would go over it a second time with the same color, using snazzy Celtic knot stencils (like the knot in his chosen quilt pattern). This gives a subtle effect. Then we would pick up the blue, black, and white colors of the quilt to arrange his room in a manly yet snazzy style — never mind. He is convinced that anything in any way reminiscent of decorating is feminine. I will just have to clean the room, and ignore the fact that it looks a lot like a bus station waiting room. It will at least be a clean bus station waiting room.