I’m singing at a funeral this morning, right after class, and I have a 6:30 rehearsal for it.

I’d never seen or heard this song before, but when we played through it yesterday after church, I was quite impressed by it. Then I looked for it online to solidify it in my mind, and I find that there is only one recording of it ever, and it’s horrible.

I’m trying to keep that interpretation out of my head while I prepare it.

Singing at funerals is hard for me because I’m a terrible cryer, and this song has some very high notes — a high G at one point. I’ve also just recovered from that illness and literally haven’t sung in a month, so I really don’t know how this is going to go. I did sing it yesterday for the family, and they gave me very specific notes and critiques on how they wanted it done.

Prayer and lots of fluids are in order here, I think.