Yesterday I went to church and then came home and finished the ABNA reviews and graded papers. It was dark before I finished. I did go out at one point in the afternoon and read the paper on the porch for a bit, so I got some pleasure from the gorgeous spring day we had.

I cooked dinner and did laundry and started the second side of the Doctor’s Bag.

Mine is going to be smaller than this, but I’m making it in the same yarn and all. 

This morning I got up and gathered all the tax deductions I could think of. Well, and had records for. The Empress is going to sort it all out for me.I’m hoping I won’t have to pay anything in, and that I can figure out how to do quarterly payments this year.

So I haven’t had a very frolicsome time since last I wrote.

Today I’ll be using the computer projector in my classroom to show some useful search tricks and then — I hope — riding herd on the students while they track down some sources for their upcoming research papers.

Following this fun activity, I fully intend to get to the gym. Last week, I allowed myself to decide that I didn’t have time more than once. That’s ridiculous. So I’m packing up my gym bag and not giving myself a choice about this.

I’ve got an article to do about the local botanical gardens, so I’ll stop in there today or tomorrow to refresh my memory. And I have to go grocery shopping at some point. And then of course I am assisting in the Brits’ efforts at world domination, and otherwise caring for various clients.

So I may or may not have a frolicsome time till I next write.

I shouldn’t make it sound as though all is so serious chez fibermom. I actually watched a couple of movies last night while grading, folding, and knitting: Mama Mia and That Old Feeling. Mama Mia was self-indulgent tripe, wasn’t it? Most of the actors can’t sing, and #2 son was comically disgusted by the antics of the assorted naughty old people. Since both the movies were basically about middle-aged romance, it was hard not to see that as the theme of the evening. Young people behaving badly on camera doesn’t disgust #2 son nearly as much as old ones.

I did like the scene in which all the women on the Mediterranean isle drop their work and go dancing down to the sea.