Mother’s Day was nice. CD, Suwanda, and I went out for Mother’s Day brunch on the spur of the moment, since we’re all mothers and no one was taking us for brunch. Good food and good conversations.

Then I got home and the boys had worked it out to take care of the meals for the day, so I finished up that article and then lolled around reading and knitting for the rest of the day. That was nice.

#2 son also let me see his Self Reflection Power Point, an end of the senior year assignment for his English class. You know how I feel about Power Point, but it was clever and witty and I talked him out of using “The Harder They Come” as the sound track.

I woke up feeling somewhat frantic at 4:00 a.m., which is fifteen minutes before I have to get up, because of all the things that aren’t getting taken care of. Mostly, I’m worrying about my parents, and the fact that I need to get my grades in today but haven’t gotten the finals graded yet. But there’s also the little matter of the estimated quarterly tax payment, the fact that I know I have unpaid invoices out there (I mean people who haven’t yet paid me, though I bet I also have unpaid bills), and getting the boys’ graduation and college stuff dealt with.

Things always seem worse in the wee hours of the morning.

So I got up and checked my mail, and I have another prospective new client. I haven’t responded to him, because I don’t know where I would fit him in if he did decide to hire me. I think a cup of tea will help me put everything in perspective.

Then I’m going to get the grades taken care of, because of the whole impending doom feeling that goes with that, and then I hope I’ll go to the gym before I move on to the rest of my to-do list.

It’s an interesting to-do list, I ended up losing another pound this week in spite of all that research, I have taken care (with #2 daughter’s help) of the problem of what to wear to teach my summer class, there are groceries in the house and more order than there was last week, and things are generally going well.