5 #2 son brought me an ice cream cake from his work, and then he and #1 son provided the meals for the day — carry out food, but it still counts.

I had a very lazy day hanging out with the family.

Before that came the church services, the very fancy and elaborate services for Pentecost and Mother’s Day combined.

The liturgical dance had been eight little girls doing pas de basques and turns with ribbons on dowels, but the children didn’t show, so we ended up with several grown women walkiing in waving ribbons.

Some of the people doing the multilingual Lord’s Prayer showed up, and some did not. Of those who showed 5 up,  some were prepared and some were not. Only two had shown up for the run-through.

This is clearly my fault. I overestimated the degree of commitment or something.

However, the flutes were great. I always think we ought to have woodwinds for Pentecost.

Here are the sleeves of Erin, nearly to the cuff.

I’m doing a workshop this evening and writing for Client #2 all day today. No new job openings have appeared over the weekend, but maybe I will hear from someone I’ve already applied to.

Happy Monday!