The chaise longue (or “chair made of garbage,” as the boys call it) has been cut.

#2 son helped me with it. He made me lunch after church, and then came out and deconstructed and constructed. My husband hovered over us, occasionally snatching a saw away and showing us how to do it correctly.

I know that I had said this lawn chair would be finished by the time the roses were blooming properly, but I was mistaken about that. We have completed only Step 3, and there are 6 steps in all. We have reached the point of needing some hardware, though, so we were able to quit with honor.

There is a fair amount of blooming going on.

According to Partygirl, roses always bloom for Mother’s Day.

The chaise, however, may take a bit longer than that.

Still, not all the roses are blooming very briskly yet, although each one has at least one blossom. The lavender which sits at the roses’ feet is also blooming. The chaise needs legs and a U-shaped piece (the directions for the U-shaped piece are what convinced us yesterday that we had done enough for one day).

The vegetable garden has been hoed.

There are blossoms on the peppers. They don’t look very pretty yet, because they are all just babies, but the baby weeds are gone, so they are happy. The shadow of the grill falls right across those peppers, I see. I shall have to move it. It’s bad enough that the vegetable plants get stepped on by basketball-playing boys.

The Regal Orchid sleeve is getting long.

Oh, and I made some M&P soap — White Tea with Ginger and Honey.

That’s about it.

We had a lazy day. Talking with #1 daughter on the phone and my mother on the computer were the high points of the day.

The laziness wasn’t bad either.