The Savarin, with blueberries and lemon balm garnishing it. 

You make a yeast dough, rich but not very sweet, and bake it in a ring. Then you make a syrup with honey, lemon juice, and rum. You brush this lavishly over the cake. Then you heat apricot jam and brush that on as well. Fill the center with fruit and serve it with whipped cream.

Sort of a shortcake.

#1 daughter came over to pick up my grade printout so I didn’t have to drive up to the next county, bless her, and we had good talks about accounting. Good thing, since we had an accounting/paperwork crisis today. And then I had a call from an accountant/software engineer needing some content work for his website. So I was well prepared.

This is Summer Top #2 of my Summer Top Project in its preliminary stages. I’m using HotPatterns Weekend Sunshine Tops pattern, and some rather scratchy jersey I was given. The color is not one of this year’s trendy colors, but it’s beautiful anyway.

I made that last night, having worked all afternoon after church. I hope to get it sewn up tonight, although I do have a bit of work to do this evening still. No rest for the wicked, my mother always said.

This morning’s Bible study point was that the psalms encompass all human emotions, from the joyous to the… hmm… is violently psychotic an emotion? Maybe not. Anyway, #2 daughter suggested that the psalms show that prayer can involve unpleasant emotions just as much as pleasant ones, and the psalms support that point of view.

The study asked us to consider what was exciting about our new ventures and what was scary. Good question.