I decided to come up to #2 daughter’s place with her. #1 son is going to come up and get me at some point, and we’ll all go to the zoo.

We arrived here around ten last night, and moved the furniture around a bit. #2 has never really moved into her chic loft apartment. I’m going to help her. Since I have no classes or meetings this week, I can work here just as well as at home — except that Outlook on my home computer is apparently still open, so I may not see emails.

From some of my accounts, that is. It may be a good thing that I hadn’t yet gotten them all set up for Outlook yet. I got a communication from one of the new prospective clients offering me a commission on traffic and sales from his website. I never respond to offers like this, normally, nor do I ever apply for jobs set up like that at oDesk or other places where I might apply for jobs. It seems shady to me. On the other hand, I’ve been talking with this guy and he hasn’t seemed shady yet. So I don’t want to ignore his offer entirely or tell him that it sounds shady to me. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with him.

I’m watching the sunrise over the city and drinking tea. I hope my husband got off to work okay this morning, without me to make his coffee for him. He probably feels abandoned. He spent all yesterday afternoon fixing the hot water heater (I sent it cleaning out the pantry and killing the mold with bleach), and now he’s having to get ready for work all alone.