Yesterday began with church, with delivery of Pampered Chef items, so I got to feel like the Good Fairy or Santa Claus or something, flitting about with my parcels for everyone. Then we had lunch with my parents and caught up with all the family news — always nice.

In the afternoon, we came home and accomplished some serious lolling and knitting. I am doing the waist shaping on Cherry Bomb. This is supposed to keep it from being sacklike, a fashion faux pas. Another popular fashion faux pas is the Mom Jeans. Mom jeans have high waists, light wash, and tapered legs. I have owned my personal pair of Mom Jeans for a decade or so and wear them on all non-work occasions. I even used to wear them to church, back before I repented and started trying to dress well. Or at least better. But now they have a hole in them.

You know how after years of wear the knees become very thin, and then just split. That is what happened.

Naturally, I am wearing them today anyway. I plan to walk one of the greenways in town this morning, and then have a PSD punctuated by a bit of a feast for Memorial Day, so obviously I am not going to fool around with anything but jeans.

But I may have to buy a new pair of jeans. If so, I am resolved not to buy Mom Jeans again. I don’t really get what’s wrong with them, to tell you the truth. I don’t think they look any worse on me than any other pair of pants. I am old enough that I remember the days before women’s jeans. We had to go buy men’s jeans,which had sizes like 28/30 and fitted only in a couple of spots on the body. If you bought a pair that fitted your bottom, then you had several inches of looseness at the waistline, which was how I wore mine. Some girls bought them to fit the waist, and had to call in other girls from the dorm to help them zip the things up past their bottoms.

We looked pretty bad in those. The advent of jeans actually cut for girls was a big exciting thing.

I will have to get my daughters to help me with the buying of jeans. Not today, however.