Monday May 28, 2007

 5 I came back to share my walk with you.

This is not the park I usually walk in, but the larger park a few miles further from my house.

The Empress was telling us recently about when they lived in Connecticut, they decided to take their daughter to the park one day and asked where they might find one.

Local people directed them to a bit of grass about ten feet square. They were nonplussed.

I grew up with big city parks that might house a zoo, a couple of museums, and a bandstand.

Our parks are between the two.5

Large parts of the parks are just the usual scenery — mostly deciduous mixed forest in a temperate to subtropical climate. I suppose there will come a time when our backyards will no longer look like that, and we will be very glad of the parks. Sigh.

In the meantime, the parks are very nice for cookouts and big frisbee games and public sings and free concerts. The symphony has a few concerts in this particular park, and Shakespeare in the Park takes place every few years.

There are also outdoor movies here in the summertime. This park has a swimming pool, and they usually show “Jaws” and things like that here while people 5swim.

There is also a castle in this park.

When my kids were little, we used to come here to play, and then go to the other side of the park where the playground is.

Now the boys come here for basketball mostly. There are also courts for tennis and a baseball field as well as walking and biking paths.

If you are not feeling athletic, you can play chess at the picnic tables.


5 The walking trail in this park is a nice paved mile loop around the perimeter of the park. A very civilized little walk, slightly hilly, with lots of opportunities to meet your friends and admire their dogs or children. Not at this hour of the morning, though.

One of my few memories of my father (he died when I was six years old) is a picnic we had in a park. A box of doughnuts and chocolate milk, as I recall. I have always liked breakfast picnics, but it is not common to see people out early with their children.

They are missing something.


There are also nice gardens along the path.

Our town wins prizes for its public gardens. Not bragging, you understand, just mentioning.

I have nothing to do with this. I don’t even participate in the annual drive to fancy up the front gardens before the judges come around.

I just admire the results.



5Here is the creek that the park was built around. Most of our local parks are built around creeks, for some reason. And it is customary to put big chunks of concrete into the creek.

I suppose this is for the convenience of the children and dogs who come down here to play.

However, there may be some important engineering reason for it, for all I know.

I heard a lecture once on the engineering of roads. It was not very exciting, but some bits of it stuck in my memory. It was surprising how many things about the building of roads turned out not to be aesthetic or practical matters, but issues connected 5with the continual heaving about of the earth, which always seems pretty sluggish to me. To engineers, it is like a bucking bronco, and building anything is like saddling the wretched creature.

In spite of this, we have enormous flower-shaped benches from which to watch the ball games.

There are bleachers, too, of course, but they were not interesting enough to get a picture.

If you only walk a mile, and stop for this many pictures, it might not count as half an hour of exercise. However, it is a holiday.

I will now attempt to  have my Personal Sewing Day (PSD) in spite of all the bedroom furniture’s being in the living room. This will require resourcefulness, I fear.






5 responses to “Monday May 28, 2007”

  1. CanadianNational Avatar

    Oh my goodness!! What a beautiful park.  The parks in my neck of the woods usually serve two purposes: 1) for the kids (baseball fields, grass, basketball courts, swings, etc) or 2) hiking (a place to tie your shoes, maybe a bar-b-que pit or two and lots of trees).  I can see why your town wins prizes.  Happy PSD!!! I’m thinking of doing the same. Curtains don’t make themselves, eh?

  2. formerprincess Avatar

    Lovely  park indeed!  We have nothing of the sort, but we do have a 12 mile loop trail that goes over the river (the mighty Columbia!) and back, and there are pretty little spots for picnics here and there.  Our boys like to ride around the loop on their bikes.

  3. Leonidas Avatar

    a very nice walk thanks for sharing the pictures…

  4. ozarque Avatar

    What a wonderful park — thanks for posting the pix!

  5. rampaige Avatar

    I love this park. When my family moved from Tennessee when I was 7, my parents took us to this park. The castle seemed huge. When I came back here for college, the first thing I did was find the castle. It was still so very enchanting, but quite smaller than I remembered.