My friend CD is planning a SWAP. She has shown me the patterns she has chosen for the purpose — one wardrobe pattern plus one top, not 12 patterns to make 11 outfits — and explained the color scheme she has in mind.

I had a SWAP planned last year, but never got it done. I had to go out and buy clothing for the five day a week teaching part of my summer: two pairs of pants, three jackets, and five blouses, I think. One of those blouses is stained and another has a tear in it. The pants are showing wear. The jackets are fine, but still… I will be teaching five days a week, and that is an undertaking that requires clothing. I also have a lot more client meetings these days.

And yet, having sent vast sums of money to the IRS and state equivalent, not to mention all that tuition, I don’t feel that I can do any shopping.

I have two weeks off from teaching, though, which ought to give me an extra 7 or so hours a week. I could make that SWAP I planned and did not make last year.

The print in the center of the photo has a sort of golden beige with dark and electric blues, and I have a beautiful beige French lace that would make a pretty blouse. I have linens and cottons in various beiges and blues, plus a spruce green that makes a nice contrast.

I’m thinking it’ll end up sort of like this picture. Maybe not. But I am feeling inspired. I can have a bit of a stay-cation and sew, and be ready to attend June classes fully clothed.