There were indeed pineapple boats. Also many other foods, including deviled eggs, cabbage salad, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms, and tri-colored Jello which probably no one will eat. I always make fancy Jello for holidays, just as a table decoration. It makes the whole thing look festive, and contains absolutely no real food, so you don’t have to feel bad about throwing it away the next day.

The burgers were on their way in when these pictures were taken. My husband grilled them while the rest of us fixed up the other stuff — ’50s style?

The plates say “yum-yum” and the cups and napkins say “eat,” which is almost though not quite as amusing as pirate tableware.

Say nothing about simple carbs or saturated fats. Just notice all the fruits and vegetables.

Dinner is Gai Pad Khing, with brown rice, cucumbers, and Fresh Fruit Indulgence. Daddy is cooking. This is partly because we want Dr. Drew to enjoy some authentic Southeast Asian home cooking and partly because Mama has cooked quite enough for one day. I did the chopping, though. We also decorated for the occasion. Ahem, that paper bell hanging on the doorknob of the china cabinet is the decoration. It was in the house when we moved in, and we have faithfully brought it out for all patriotic celebrations since.

There were no outdoor games, except for #1 son, who went off to the park to play volleyball with his buds. The rest of us took the dogs for a walk to our neighborhood park, where they had the thrill of seeing some woodland mammal (woodchuck?) waddle off into the creek. The dogs nearly expired from excitement, and felt that their entire day was worthwhile, even though they spent so much of it watching people eat delicacies they were not allowed to share.

The rest of our day was spent in reading, knitting, playing video games, practicing piano, napping, chatting, and otherwise lolling about. Not everyone participated in all these activities. Each joined in according to his or her particular tastes and skills, as it should be. Fiona demonstrated her extremely good form in the general lolling about category.

I am thinking today of my father, who is buried in a military cemetery, and my son-in-law, who is safe on a submarine in an undisclosed but presumably watery location. My mother says that on Decoration Day (which I think was the precursor of Memorial Day) when she was a child, they would take a picnic into the cemetery and decorate the graves of their family members. We have a convenient local cemetery, but no family members there. I suppose we could have taken our goodies there and disported ourselves among strangers’ gravestones, but it doesn’t seem the same, somehow.

Well, I must get back to my heavy schedule of hanging around. I hope all of you have enjoyed your weekends as much as I have.