Memorial Day is one of the few days of the year that the IT community tends to take as a holiday, so I’m taking today off — at least mostly.

I have to get ready for my class tomorrow, and I’m still in the mood to play wiht my WordPress sites after WordCamp, not to mention that article I promised by the end of the week — last week.

So there may be some work done. And there will no doubt be cooking. However, I also plan to take some time off.

#2 daughter and I went to the conference yesterday, briefly, and learned what I wanted to learn on that day. We took off before the cookout. I texted The Computer Guy later and asked whether we were missing lots of good information, and he was noncommital, so we didn’t go back.

Everyone but me went off to celebrations later, so I did work last night. I caught up the Aussies and played with the WP sites, mostly.