Lostarts had a link to a purveyor of really good bags. In some branches of my possibility tree, I travel around, working from different places. If I ever end up out on one of those branches, I’m going to get a bag from those guys. You can tell they really know what they’re doing.

I also like the bags at Pallygiraffe. I resisted the temptation to buy one, but did order a folder. Their prices are in Singaporean dollars, so it is much cheaper than it looks to shop from them. I got that link from the new designer I’m working with. Coming back to say that this company only ships to Singapore. They’re sending me those folders, out of the goodness of their hearts, but no one else in America gets any. Sorry.

And I followed someone’s blog to this place, which the seamstresses in the house will like.

Online window shopping is something I can find myself doing when I’m really exhausted. Usually, I get online in the morning and see what work has piled up during the night, answer email, write here, check my subscriptions here and at Bloglines, and by then I’ve drunk my tea and gotten my eyes open enough to get to work.

But sometimes, by the end of the week of getting up at 4:15 in the morning, I’m too tired to wake up that easily, and that’s when I find myself following links at blogs to exotic e-commerce places.

I don’t plan to be that exhausted this week.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the amount of work that I have. However, if I just keep my head down and plow through it, so to speak, it’ll all get done. Eventually.

I haven’t seen anything more from the new designer, though. I’m feeling a little bit alarmed about that. We have two projects, in theory. One got safely to the mock up stage, but hasn’t been completed yet and we’re a couple of days from the deadline, and the other hasn’t even gotten a quick concept yet. His wedding is on Thursday. Whatever he hasn’t done by then is going to wait till after his honeymoon, at least.

I turned in the draft for the church website, and sent it along to The Computer Guy. Yesterday I announced in church that it was now the time for people to send along anything they wanted to have included in the website. This was of course very dangerous. However, I see these people frequently. I don’t want to have the site go up and then have them buttonholing me with complaints. After it goes up, changes cost money.

So I may spend the day fielding stuff from the various ministries and classes. I also have a very cool assignment — a corporate lesson plan. You know how companies like Kraft and Riceland have lesson plans for teachers? I get to do one of those. The very cool thing is that once I do the lesson plan, it will go to the designer. I’ve been working with this designer. I send him a text file, and once it’s daylight in his part of the world, he sends it right back all snazzy looking, with illustrations.

I have never had this done with a lesson plan. Exciting, eh?