5 Food.

Tuscan turkey burgers, strawberries, melon.

Below there is a lemon mousse torte with white chocolate shavings.

That’s really all I did yesterday: church, cooking and baking, hanging out with my family.

It was worth doing.

I sang a solo in church, but also raced about helping the little girls with their liturgical dance, organizing a practice of the multilingual Lord’s Prayer, and running through the anthem for next week’s early service.

I have a whole bunch of things to do today.

5 Freelance work.

When you hear that word, do you think of a shabby knight wandering around with his lance, seeking his next meal?

I’ve always done a bit of freelance work on the side along with my fulltime paid jobs. It often keeps the wolf from the door, or at least increases the fun and variety of my work. But I like it to be extra, in addition to the steady amount that makes me sure I can pay the bills.

When Client #2 said he wasn’t in a position to hire someone, but if he were, then he would absolutely hire me, and would I like to some freelance work till then, I was quite pleased. Not quite as pleased as if he had hired me, but pleased.

I’m still looking for fulltime work, obviously, and picking up as many other freelance things as I can. They are being fun, and no more uncertain than job applications. It is exciting to have prospects on the horizon.

I was planning on going around applying in desparation to all the local low-paying jobs today in hopes of having something, anything… However, unemployment insurance pays as much as counter help at Radio Shack are likely to make, and I can spend my time applying, submitting, and pitching for more profitable things. So my scheduled Desperate Acts of Application are canceled for today. I still have Wallowing in Misery scheduled for tomorrow, but I am not in the mood for that today, and maybe I won’t be tomorrow either.

5 A purple iris has unfurled itself.

As we all know, I don’t have photography skilz, so you have to imagine it having been photographed by someone who does. Or, indeed, imagine it as it is in real life.

Our little garden is too small for all the things I wanted to plant, but it has cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers of various kinds, herbs, squash of various kinds, cucumbers, and lemon grass. I haven’t bought any annuals for the front garden, since that would be frivolous when I am in such a  precarious position, so maybe I could plant beans out there.

Shade-tolerant beans of some kind. Peas, maybe. In amongst the columbine and salvia. Watermelons with the azaleas.