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We are beginning to get a bit of blooming at last. I’ve planted a couple of tomatoes, and I expect to do the rest of my planing this week.

Here you see columbine, salvia, violets, and some other stuff that hasn’t yet bothered to bloom. Now that they all seem settled and unlikely to die or anything, I will fill in around them with some bright annuals. Well, given that this is a woodland shade sort of garden, we all know that means impatients, but they can be doubles. And I can do some pinks (dianthus) at the edges.

We like to think of all that garden debris as mulch, and leave it there till the annuals get planted. It adds to the woodland glade effect, don’t you think?5

Here is #2 daughter’s dress. Unfortunately, you can’t really see it well (I simply cannot be trusted with a camera). It is the slinky Vogue 8280, and it looks very good on her.

Since she bought a black straw hat for the Derby party, she will be able to wear this with the hat and some black pumps and look like Audrey Hepburn at all her late-afternoon cocktail parties.

This will only be true after I have done the hemming and other hand finishing.

I am so busy today that I cannot offer any deep thoughts. Or any shallow ones.

Maybe tomorrow.