Well, I had a hectic morning, in an abstract sort of way. I had research to do, and had to drive my kid to school, and hadn’t properly prepared for the week (excessive partying, plus church and meetings, and then of course I had to loll around and knit and read some) so there was a sort of scramble about lunches and so forth.

So I drove the kid to school and went ahead to the gym for a quick jump on the treadmill with my mind still on my research, and then dashed home to get on with html and communications with webmasters and other stuff that I find complex and challenging. I was enjoying myself, but there came the point at which I was just going to have to eat something, so I walked out to the mailbox to try to shift out of the abstract and into the real world enough to prepare a proper meal rather than just noshing on leftover birthday cake while constructing flyers.5

And look what was in my mailbox!

dcstarlette made these lovely necklaces for me in the giftingmamas exchange, and sent them with a festive card in a way cool tie-dyed envelope.

It was quite a wonderful punctuation for the day. As you can see, I opened them right up at my desk and took a picture, and even put one on.

What a nice surprise!

Now, refreshed, I can plunge back in.