It is the Regal Orchid Jasmine sweater, front layered over back to ensure matching, blocking. There appear to be cat footprints, but that will be dealt with in the final finishing.

Some bloggers have lovely blocking pictures, but I do not. Whether it is my blocking or my photography I do not know, but there it is.

And here are the front and back having just been measured before the final ribbing. I guess it is my photography.

This is being knitted from Eternal Summer collection’s Luna, in the color Regal Orchid. This is a very soft and drapey yarn, with a subtle sheen. I am very happy with it. The lace panels blocked out very well, and overall the  results are excellent. You never know till you actually get all the pieces together, but I am feeling very optimistic about this sweater.

I got to wear #1 son’s track jacket made from Den-M-Nit during our travels (for which read, I put it on and he didn’t make me take it off), and loved it, too. I’ve had a somewhat anti-cotton bias (fueled by the Sinfonia T-shirt experience last year) when it comes to knitted clothing, but these modern cottons are changing my mind.

Much jungly blooming is taking place, but no weeding took place yesterday. Nor was there any significant quantity of housework, completion of the contest entry, or other high-energy activity.

In the interests of recuperating from Saturday, I spent the day reading and knitting, with one small excursion out with #2 son to pick up meatitude and sweetitude for the boys’ school lunches this week.

I’ve still been thinking about the commencement. My favorite part was when the bagpipes led the walk around the quad, with the families standing around the lawn watching for their kids. Incoming freshmen do this, and then they do it again at commencement in their robes.

For commencement, the faculty follow them, all in their medieval heraldic regalia, which gives lots of information to the initiates. “Torches and hats,” said #1 son. “Looks like a cult to me.”

Then the whole boiling of us followed the college down the hill to the gym and squashed into our seats while the kids did the last bit of their walk.

And this morning, #2 daughter heads off for the UK. My brother has given her some useful suggestions on how to comport herself in pubs, and of course she has been watching BBC programs, so we figure she is well prepared. As my husband says, they speak English, so it will be easy.