We have some plants!
009 Baby nasturtiums. We have pots of nasturtiums on the back patio. There may not be any flowers, since the soil is rather rich, but the foliage is getting pretty.

I surrounded the patio with pots like these. We have a single chaise longue and a barbecue, which isn’t exactly a welcoming furniture arrangement, but it’s nice for me to sit out and read.

The weather is perfect for that, and I have a light novel for the purpose. I gave a final this morning and read Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Dominationon my Kindle while the students wrote. It was nice, but reading out on the patio is nicer.

We have a rose blooming (New Dawn) and columbine and azaleas in the front.

Baby salad. The cracks in the dirt are the result of the flood. We expected that it would wash everything away, but it didn’t, so we had a lucky escape.

We have baby peas and squash, too. Tomatoes and peppers have yet to be planted.