I had intended to take today as a sick day, since I had no deadlines. However, I had to teach class, and then when I got home I had a mad desire to make a quick correction at my company website.

I broke it.

I then spent three hours fixing it, feeling more and more stupid, not to mention headachy. Sore throat and coughing followed, and then dejection and a sense of deep stupidity and unworthiness.

If was therefore a very good thing that the Schwanns man came, giving me completely false hope with his specious claim that chicken pot pies are good for colds. I have one heating in the oven right now. It will almost certainly be a disappointment, but I was grasping at straws.

And then teAchonology.com, a major educational website, emailed #2 daughter to ask permission to include us in their resources database. That helped a bit, actually.