11 It’s beginning to get a little chilly here, so I had a look at my Log Cabin socks from last year. Because I wore them with my aged hiking boots all the time (along with a long corduroy skirt a lot of the time, for that slightly eccentric look), the heels perished.

This is okay, since they are hand-knitted socks. I just knitted new heels.

These socks are sport weight Wool-Ease, but I decided to use worsted weight Wool-Ease to redo the heels. This decision was largely based on the fact that I had some in my crafts cupboard already, but it also made a heavier, sturdier heel.

I picked up the loose stitches.11 Now, a sock with a hole in it is not the same as a frogged edge. You have to pull threads a bit to get it to the point where you can pick up stitches along that edge. But it can be done. I put them on two double-pointed needles, treating the hole like a slit rather than a hole, and made sure that the numbers of stitches on the top and the bottom needle were the same.

Then I grabbed a third needle and knitted back and forth on the bottom needle. I did short rows in garter stitch. That is, I knitted all the way across, then turned around and knitted all but one stitch. I turned again and knitted all but one, and so forth till the space was filled.

This is backwards from the way you make a heel in the first place. However, I was filling a space, rather than building a new substance, so I wasn’t sure just how much knitting I would need to do. Having filled up the empty space, I bound the two needles off together. Voila! The socks are not as good as new, exactly, but they are certainly wearable once more.

I was able to get this done in between events yesterday. I had church, a baby shower, and a meeting. I did some housework and cooking, and spent some time with my family, and worked only a little bit.

Jewell came over and told me that I could get the other Science of Discworld books at the Amazon UK site. It is true! You can go to the British Amazon site and they still have your account from the U.S., but they have all sorts of other things available, and in fact all the Terry Pratchett books have cooler covers there.

However, they do not tell you how much things are in dollars. Thus, I learned that I could buy the other books for 20 pounds and 95 … well, pence or bits or bobs or whatever the 95 tenths of a pound are counted in. I cannot compare this with $8.73 plus $3.95 times two, because I have no idea what pounds and dollars are to one another. At one time, I believe, there were two dollars to a pound, and at another time there were five pounds to the dollar, and that is too great a variance for me to guess what it might be now. I will have to look it up.

I certainly did enjoy the alternate universe of Amazon UK, though. They dispatch things from your shopping basket there, you know. And it is entirely possible that they might sell those whole grain cookies #2 daughter brought us from England, except that they would be wholemeal biscuits.

Back to the salt mines!